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Intute – probably the greatest link I’ve ever posted

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This is a ridiculously well organized collection of links for teachers… sorted by subject, and then more specific subject.  You ought to check it out and browse.


This site has “closed”, but they will remain open and viewable for another 3 years.  Apparently they lost funding.   Let’s take advantage of it while we can.  I have a suspicion that they will find funding to maintain the site beyond three years.  Time will tell.


MIT – Visualizing Cultures

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Still on the Asian stuff.   Fantastic, image-driven lessons here.

Asia for Educators

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Lesson-plan laden, era-spanning, pedagogy-promoting…….conventional-survey-text-book-destroying……


Columbia is killin’ it.

Bridging World History…for free.

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This is an amazing, online, free world history textbook sponsored by the Annenburg Foundation.   Amazing.

Yale: Primary Source Documents in Law, History, and Diplomacy

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Great bank of primary sources that are sortable by time period.  Sources range from antiquity to modernity.  Fantastic. 















North Carolina Digital Textbook

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This is an astonishing collection of sources having to do with North Carolina.  As a digital textbook, it is incredible.  Nearly every page is linked to a lesson plan, further links, etc.  This is a treasure trove for any history teacher.

August 17, 2011 Leave a comment has some interesting, open-source lessons/lesson plans.  Browsable by subject.  I wonder what additional benefits accrue from being a member?