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Intute – probably the greatest link I’ve ever posted

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This is a ridiculously well organized collection of links for teachers… sorted by subject, and then more specific subject.  You ought to check it out and browse.


This site has “closed”, but they will remain open and viewable for another 3 years.  Apparently they lost funding.   Let’s take advantage of it while we can.  I have a suspicion that they will find funding to maintain the site beyond three years.  Time will tell.


Yale opens up digital collections..

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Art History RSS Feeds

This is an ever-updating list of useful RSS feeds related to Art History.  Students, please email me to approve the RSS feed that you want to share before you share it.                 Blog of the Art History Newsletter      Blogging Pompeii        The LACMA blog            A Getty Museum(s) Blog          Smart History podcast        Smart History Blog     Peter Barnett’s awesome Art History Blog         UCLA Art History Department
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Google and the Getty Museum

Google image searching technology has recently improved drastically and enabled a number of cool features.  These include “back-searching”, which is inputting an image into google and searching for information about about the image (!), and now you can get that image directly from a device (as in a camera on an iphone or ipad).  So, when you go to the Getty, you can snap a picture of a painting and look at it through “Google Goggles” in order to begin researching about the painting.  This is simply astonishing.

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Google Art Project

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