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Open Source Textbook Collection

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Google Map of the 2010 census, in progress

Yale opens up digital collections..

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Art History RSS Feeds

This is an ever-updating list of useful RSS feeds related to Art History.  Students, please email me to approve the RSS feed that you want to share before you share it.                 Blog of the Art History Newsletter      Blogging Pompeii        The LACMA blog            A Getty Museum(s) Blog          Smart History podcast        Smart History Blog     Peter Barnett’s awesome Art History Blog         UCLA Art History Department
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Shakespeare App

The Shakespeare app is worth downloading, even if just to have a nice copy of the bard’s work presented in a somewhat media-rich context.  I must say, though, the choice for some of the images associated with the plays are sometimes pretty out there.  I’m not sure if it is worth paying 9.99 for the “pro” version, because all of that content is readily available online (e.g. info about scansion, interpretation, and portraits of Shakespeare).


A search for “Shakespeare” in the app store brings this right up.

Transferring keynote or powerpoints presentations to the iPad

This is an incredibly useful tip.  It is probably the case that the new iOS5 will include support for transferring such files via Cloud instead of cable, but in the meantime…..:

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open source textbooks, content and blog

Browse the site for open source, “college-level” textbooks…..all that I have explored are wonderful, and I would love to hear other thoughts/recommendations/frowns about the offerings here.  I am most definitely using their Art History textbook (SmartHistory) as one tool among others.


Content browsable by subject:

Links to their neat blog:


RSS feed:

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